Welcome! I am Mary Brook, conscious aging and second-stage recovery coach, mentor and facilitator.

You can contact me below for a no-fee conversation about what brought you here. My areas of focus are holistic recovery and conscious aging. Don’t hesitate to reach out. In addition, after a long career in counseling and non-profit management, I have a network of referrals and resources to help you in any area of struggle you may be facing. I’d love to hear from you!

Current ways to engage with myself and like-minded others are through on-going self-development study groups, conscious aging circles & workshops, and one-on-one coaching in packages of 3, 6, or 9 sessions.

Study groups in the past have included topics such as patience, trauma 101, and self-abandonment. Groups typically last 4-8 weeks each, and I will be introducing new themes throughout the year.

For more information on study groups, circles, and coaching, please fill out the contact form above. Email addresses will not be shared, and only used to provide announcements on upcoming opportunities.